GitHub Pull Requests

Get a faster, easier, and more fun experience than GitHub’s native workflow


Features designed to


code reviews.

Improved Code Organization

Planar automatically moves high priority changes to the top of your PR. It also shows the PR conversation side by side with the code changes.


Streamlined Collaboration

You get a single inbox that shows you all the PRs that need your attention. Inside the PR, you can easily see the changes since your most recent review and also comment anywhere in the PR (even outside the changesets!).


Stacked Reviews

If you like chaining your work in multiple branches, we provide a native way to navigate these stacked PRs in GitHub.



Celebrate big wins and keep reviews fun and timeless with a collection of GIFs.


Simple Integration.

Integrating with Planar is a simple. Download the extension, sign in with your GitHub credentials, and enjoy all of our features directly within your existing GitHub experience.

#Authenticate with GitHub
Connect OAuth with Planar so that our tool can read pull request data and let you write comments.
#Select Repositories
Choose which repositories you want to use with Planar. You can select personal, open source, or organization repos.
Get access to your Planar inbox in the GitHub home page and a new tab on every PR’s review page.

Privacy and Security

#Read and Write Access
No raw source code is stored on Planar databases. All code processing is done in real time, and only metadata is stored to optimize loading performance.
#We don’t store your code
Planar needs read/write access to your repos so that we can import pull request data and so that you can leave comments using our review tab.

Check out our privacy policy for more information.
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